A Cafe where Art is Born

A Cafe where Art is Born​

By Creative Adda

Artists jamming, Friends hanging out. You could hear the chortles of people having a good time around. That’s a regular evening at the Chaa-Shaa café. Situated at a place where there are many school and college campuses around, this place has no less of a charm than a college canteen.
Gagan Ramesh Vashisht , A veteran of the Print Media Industry & Shilpi Jha Bose , An art director and Set stylist, quit their careers in 2016 to set up this beautiful café. With bright colours, filled with paintings and sketches, the place has a very vibrant feel to it.
Every aesthetic of the place has an appeal which captivates the artists. No doubt, the place was the first Café in the city to hold an open mic event for Writers and Singers. Both the café owners trusted a couple of young Lads Harsh and Prashant with their Idea to organise an open mic event which showed light of the dawn to ‘Creative Adda‘ .
The café has turned out to be a boon for artists ever since, where they meet up , hang out & perform. In a city like Jalandhar where there was no stage for performing arts, the cafe has given a home to numerous budding & established artists.
The café has held shows for the likes of ‘Tape A Tale‘ You tube channel, Comedian Vishwaas (winner of Laughter challenge) & many more such established firms and artists of the Industry.
Chaa Shaa isn’t just another café. It has started a culture around the city & left an impression.