By: Ishika Makani

In this 21st era, youth is filled with a lot of talent but they don’t find the appropriate platform to express their talents. Keeping in mind this thought, Harsh Mahadeshwar and Nikhil Mahadeshwar created a platform on FACEBOOK and named it as “DIL KI BAAT” (DKB) where people can show their talent without any hesitation.

Dil Ki Baat basically focuses on making short films and advertisements. Other than that, they also post videos of various artists like poets, storytellers, musicians etc. Anyone from anywhere in the world can contact them if they have any kind of hidden talent which they need to explore. Five years ago, Harsh started from a single page on Facebook, with a passion in heart and ideas in mind has gained an audience of 5 million today.

Dil Ki Baat is founded by Harsh Mahadeshwar and managed by Nikhil Mahadeshwar along with 10 other people who work together as a team. It’s main office is in Houston, Texas but they travel wherever the artist’s story takes them. They started with a rental house which they haven’t left since then. Dil Ki Baat has the best group of filmmakers with a commitment to make genuine films without filters, which would ultimately win hearts. They create films based on real life events, emotions and stories and their films have reached over 60 million views till now. They create stories which directly targets the hearts of people which is why they have gained so much fame . But it is worth telling that, Dil Ki Baat was not famous since the beginning . There was a time when their page was not being recognized at all but with the time they learned what interests people and what not which is why they became a hero from zero and has gained over 5 million followers. Many of their short films have won notable awards such as: Best Film India Film Project 2018, Best Film 48 Hour Project 2017 Houston, Best Film 48 Hour Film Project 2019 Indianapolis.

Harsh Mahadeshwar, the founder of DKB has written and directed at least a total of 40 short films and music videos streaming on Youtube page Dil Ki Baat (Check it out here!). Some of them have crossed over 50 million views. He is currently working on his first feature film, and is a producer for an A listed Bollywood film which is expected to be released in the end of 2020. During this time of lockdown also, DIL KI BAAT has not stopped exploring new artists. They have conducted live sessions of more than 100 artists on their facebook page which included people from Bollywood, famous comedians, musicians as well as many budding artists. According to them, live sessions helps to connect with global artists and it also helps in artists promotion. Just because of people like Harsh and Nikhil, budding artists get the platform to explore their talents and to show it to the world.