TIKTOK!  Every single person gets excited only by hearing this app’s name as it was a source of good entertainment especially during the lockdown. 

SHEIN!  The app which was every Indian girl’s priority while shopping online.

Not only these two, but there were many other apps which we all used in our daily life. But, The Indian Government, on Monday banned 59 Chinese mobile applications to counter the threat posed by these applications to the country’s “sovereignty and security”.

Share It, UC browser, Viva Video and shopping app Club Factory are among the other prominent apps that have been blocked amid rising tensions between India and China following clashes at the border two weeks ago. The government said the applications are engaged in activities “prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defense of India, security of state and public order.” It is quite understandable why government took this step but the thing is whether it will prove to be a bane or boon for the country.

Undoubtedly, China took a wrong step at the border two weeks ago by attacking indian army. Analysts said the move will impact the Chinese apps. “From a tactical perspective, it puts enormous economic pressure because these apps were heavily reliant on Indian markets. From a legal perspective, it is sound because grounds like national security are difficult to challenge in a court of law,” said Santosh Pai, partner at Link Legal, who tracks Chinese investments in the country. “If this is going to be the new state of affairs, we need to see whether Indian apps will fulfil the need or American apps will take market share.”

But banning the apps will cause unemployment in India also. India is already facing a massive unemployment and now this step will create furthermore unemployment in India. The people who were working with these apps, they don’t have any other work to do now. The Government could have created an alternative for all the apps being banned and then this step could have been followed.

People who were showcasing their talent through Tiktok, what will they do now? Some of them were introverts, but Tiktok gave them the platform to make videos and be confident. Then there was Shein which was the most loved site for online shopping. Viva Video was the best app for making videos on birthdays and anniversaries. Share it was the basic app which all android users used to share apps, data, videos etc from one android to another. Many other apps were there which were being used by people on daily basis. Suddenly banning all the apps made everyone go into panic mode.

Most popular of all these apps was Tiktok that was being used by person of every age group. Older people also entertained themselves by watching videos on that app. Budding artists will be in a loss as they were creating videos on that app and as well as small kids also make videos on that app.You all must have listened about Noor, a little girl from a small village whose family is very poor and that girl created videos on Tiktok and became so famous among everyone because of her talent that Punjab Police themselves gave their family a little money. 

What about such people?  Did government thought about that?  I guess not!

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