Dilip Pandey : "I Was Not a Topper But I Never Settled For Just Bookish Knowledge"


An Author and Music Enthusiast who became MLA and Chief Whip in Delhi, Dilip Pandey is brought up in a small town of Uttar Pradesh, ZAMANIA. From childhood itself, he was very talented and always tried to learn something unique. He was not a topper but he never settled for just bookish knowledge, he always tried to find things that will improve and increase his area of knowledge.He started writing at a very young age and completed his degree in computer application and then went to Hong Kong to work as an IT Expert. His life changed when he came back to India to become a part of historic political agitation and in July 2014, he joined as the convenor of Delhi unit. Currently, he is a member of Delhi legislative assembly 2020.He has a tattoo on his arm in which according to him defines him because that tattoo is a mixture of four things which are:- MUSICAL NOTES for music, PEN for his love for writing, ARROW for archery and a ROPE which is a symbol of activism. So he has tattooed the four things that he is currently doing in his life and will do for the rest of his life.

In a conversation with Team Creative Adda, Dilip Sir shared many of his life experiences that will inspire everyone to do better in life.
Here’s a little glimpse of conversation with him:-

What is the thing that keeps you positive in this negative situation?

He said that the biggest happiness in life is in creating things whatever it is, it’s your creativity that gives you pleasure which is why before going to bed I try to write something to recite something and it keeps me fresh as well positive.

When did you catch interest in archery? 

In 2017 I was a convener of Delhi after resigning that I realized I have one and a half hour, so I thought to do something that makes sense. Me and my friends were sitting and my friend had a pistol so I asked my friend to teach me and within a week I started doing it very well. My guruji said it seems like you had taken training for more than a year, then I decided to do something difficult and started investigating all the thing about archery in youtube. Then I got a Bow and arrow and started shooting but then I realized that the lessons in youtube were not enough so I joined a club.

“ For me, Archery is a combination of meditation and self-discipline.”

What is your favourite childhood memory and how were you as a child? 

He said that he was not always a topper but he always tried to do things out of the box which other students used to avoid. He also said that once he read a quote written by Shakespeare,” LET MUSIC BE THE FOOD OF SOUL” and I buried this quote in my heart. From that day onwards I was connected to music like nothing else.

What is your best travel memory during your childhood?

Dilip sir said that he belonged to a very poor family which is why he has a lot of childhood memories related to studying, music, playing etc but none of them is related to travelling. He never went anywhere during holidays not even when he was a teenager.

Which is the favourite memory of college?

He said that there are many wonderful memories of that time. I was every teacher’s favourite student and therefore seniors never said anything to me because they used to say that I am a very sorted person. Fights, Friendships, problems, solutions were all part of my college life.

You did a technical course i.e MCA which is equivalent to engineering and on the other hand, you wrote 4 books, so do you agree with the statement that engineers do everything except engineering?

He replied that the thing about engineers is that their brain has been exposed to the limit of maximum utilization so when any emotional nerve dominates, they leave behind everything and start doing that work. But the thing with me was quite different, I tried everything like writing, music, politics etc which is why I never got into the field I studied about.

During the conversation, he also told about the books he wrote. He said that he never thought of writing one after another novel, but when his first book got some appreciation, then he decided to write another one. All his four books have different topics like problems in the life of women, how to get out of gadgets and make friends in real life etc. And currently, he is working on his new book.

 In the end, he gave a message to Team Creative Adda that you should all be as creative as you can and all the artists should never leave their responsibilities behind them while doing their work. Discipline should be your top priority and always remember that while writing you surely think about the market but never let that market consume you and always encourage your younger ones to write. Writing makes the man perfect and once you ask your younger ones to write daily, it will automatically become their habit.