“WHAT WENT WRONG?” is the question raised by the Indian film, theatre and television actor Inaamulhaq, in his short film titled “DUNIYA”. This short film basically puts a light on the ongoing global pandemic and reminds people to pay attention towards their ‘Priorities’.

Inaamulhaq is popularly known for his performance in Bollywood films like Filmistaan (2012), Airlift(2016), Jolly LLB 2 (2017) etc. The Actor has won many accolades for his performances and has also bagged the Best Actor Award at the DCSAFF (Washington DC South Asian Film Festival) for his outstanding performance in his film ‘Nakkash’. He has also won the Best Actor Award at India International Film Festival of Boston (IIFFB) 2019. 

His film ‘DUNIYA’ (WORLD) was released on Tuesday, 2 June 2020 on Youtube. It is written by Inaamulhaq, narrated by Jameel Khan and music is composed by Palash Muchhal. It features a conversation between man and the world.

As we all know, corona virus pandemic has caused countless deaths in the last few months. This has caused a severe impact not only on the mental health of the people but also on the economy of the world. Therefore, as a responsible citizen, Inaamulhaq has attempted to aware everyone in the world to choose their priorities accurately.

For centuries, the entire world has been more focused on war and building tanks whereas education and medicine were neglected. Governments, who have been spending lots of money on weapons and sales and less on equipments to save life and healthcare, are the reason that people are in this terrible state now. The film is very heart touching and is the exact representation of everything that has happened during this pandemic and due to the negligent attitude of people towards healthcare.


Inaamulhaq presented his film in a very creative way in which the voice over is in Hindi Language as well as the lyrics in English Language are also shown side by side. In the short film, the actor has very well described the wrong-doings of the people and has encouraged them to learn from their past mistakes and do right in the future.

 So that when a global pandemic like this arises we don’t have to ask ourselves again that “WHAT WENT WRONG”.


“It’s time to wake up

It’s time to change our priorities”.    :- INAAMULHAQ