Faisal Malik: From Behind the lens to in Front of it


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“I watch a movie everyday; it’s been more than a year”

This probably suffices the love Faisal Malik has for cinema. Having done his schooling from Allahabad (now  Prayagraj), graduating from Lucknow and moving to Mumbai to finally pursuing a Career in the film Industry, The Producer/ Actor has stood through the test of time. Faisal Malik has been involved in projects like Gangs of Wasseypur, Saat Uchakkey, Revolver Rani, Main aur Charles. The actor is currently revelling in the success of a web series ‘Panchayat’ which was released on Amazon Prime, last month.

Here’s a snippet of a candid conversation with him:


Host:  In the hindsight, do you feel like you could have utilized your time in Allahabad better in any way?

Faisal Malik: When I moved to Mumbai and eventually thought of becoming a producer, I had to start from scratch and studied a lot for it. I even took classes for understanding the scripts better. I sometimes feel that I could have done a course of mass communication back in the day, which would have helped me now. I’ve been introduced to the actual Cinema here, I have been studying it. I watch a movie every day; it’s been more than year now.

Host: In Panchayat, The series had a very simplistic approach to it. Was it nearly that simple to execute the whole project?

Faisal Malik: The team didn’t make it feel like it was difficult in any way. TVF has a great team and everybody who is working is young as your age, quite enthusiastic about their work. Working at a place like that away from the city is tough, but the team pulled it off real nice.

Host: When we talk about ‘Smoke’ series, it was a different genre and a completely different set-up. There’s a lot of speculation regarding its second season. When is it coming out?

Faisal Malik: You know, I’ve been watching and studying series since 2005-2006. I’ve always wanted to work on series. I made my first series in around 2011-2012 named ‘Traffic’ which was on human trafficking. It got awarded at the ITA. Then I even worked on one with Anurag Kashyap for STAR Network. The pilot was approved but they didn’t air the episode. It’s been 10 years since I’ve been working in this space. I’ve worked hard on ‘Smoke’ series. From writing its first word to casting, I’ve been involved in everything and the show is like a baby to me. We’d be shooting its season 2 shortly.