HARSH CHHAYA: Zindadgi Jee Bhar ke Jiyo


In a conversation with team Creative Adda , Harsh Chhaya one of the most talented actor from Indian Television and Film Industry shared his journey.

Here’s  a glimpse of the conversation

We are talking about this pocket phone book that every wannabe actor used to carry in their mid 80s. Here is Harsh Chhaya with us sharing his journey from back camera to onscreen.    

“ You know that time, when we used to get small

diary in local which  would have some contact

numbers of known directors and producers.

So I have this to start and nothing else

The cover page said”

Here’s the introduction – Harsh Chhaya one of the most talented actor from Indian Television and film industry. My memory goes back to hasratien in 90s, one of the astonishingly progressive shows of 90s.

 “ I was never an outstanding student in academics, but when it comes to curricular activities, my face was known to everyone. It all started with a 40 sec line that I have to deliver in my sixth standard in one of the plays. I was amazed to see that thousand of people were sitting to hear me and that’s something that made me up “ ab to yahi karna hai”. And that’s how it started.”

When he decided to gave his hobby a professional figure and no other side work apart from this.

“ Being a mediocre student, I was never so keen to do a desk job. Till my 25 I tried hard to do both but its something that stuck in my mind and pushed me to Mumbai. I was prepared if I didn’t get a project I will continue working what I was doing in Delhi and Mumbai is far better to do all that.”

When he came to Mumbai he was just having a phone booklet and nothing else.

“ Fortunately, I was blessed to have many relatives who stays in Mumbai. I decided to stay at my uncle’s residence. While having breakfast he asked me “who called you and what all project do you have”. I said no one called me and I don’t have any work, I am having this booklet and I will contact each person. His food got stuck and he looked at me. He took me to one of his friends who was from television background and we went there the same evening.”

What was going in your mind when you met him as you were new to all that?

“ I was carrying a portfolio which I made with the help of my friends.As a media student I knew that, so I had that with me to show them. He tried to make me understand that this not that easy and I said, “no problem I will do work from behind the camera which I’d learned from Jamiya for past two years”.

Your  first  experience was with Zee T.V, how was that? And what things did you learning there?

“ When I started working with Zee there was a rumour that it will close soon and  will not run for a long period. Me and my friend got a work of editing and narrating the scripts, at that time there was a show for only half and hour and we had to edit it in 15 min and I have to put voice over and narrate it.” “Kuch aise shuru kiya mota mota”.

 You first did you debut through drama in Jiju and then it was going in flow.

“ I’ve been working in television for long eighteen, twenty years and when I came to Mumbai there was only Doordarshan channel that was running but then also they said there will no shooting for one year and the movies through which I was inspired and came to Mumbai for, were also closed. That time Zee T.V came and we get a work”.

How did you feel the difference between working in Television and in Bollywood?

“ There is no such difference between working in television or in movies. It’s all about what we are thinking, as our generation feels that working in movies, in a big screen will be a big achievement, but now-a-days I’m seeing many youngsters who want to build career in television only and are not looking towards Bollywood, its good and is changing. Though television provides a  long running shows, which is a positive side from Bollywood.”

If you get a same role in Television and in a Movie at a same time and your schedule is clashing what would you prefer to do?

“ I will surely go for films as I know that television will not come up with something new so if it happens I will go for the movie. But if I will like the television show,I will definitely choose television over movie. I don’t have q craze of big screen or something like that. Even I’ve refused many films that which come to me at a same time, for me character matter not screen.”

Is there any role whether it  was in television or in movies that is still with you and it feels quite similar to your original self?

“ I never see the roles on that basis. I try to perform with what the character really is, so nothing is that very close to me but if say there is something that comes automatically when you are performing then‘KT’ is the character I go with, that feels like me.”

Is there any character you feel like “ if I would do this then it could be more pleasant”?

“ No, No I was never been in the track to feel like that, yes!It happens when I want to give a  look test for some role and not get selected then I think  “What’s in him, I can also do this.” But after it get ready and when I go to watch it, then I feel like, no-no he is perfect for that particular role. So now I know that producers have extra vision to see and I never feel like that.”

Any character you feel like I will do this by coming out of my comfort zone and didn’t did earlier?

“Fashion! I did that by coming out from my zone and that’s something I want to do so I basically took that character from director as that character was not for me, I read in the newspaper that he was searching for someone to play so met him and said I want to play this. He sent me a polite message saying “we will keep you in mind”. After a couple of days I asked them again and they said we talked about it but you will not fit in this character. I asked them to take a look test but they denied so I myself recorded a look test and went to his office and asked them to watch it. After a couple of days I got call at 8pm and he asked me “what are you doing?”I said nothing and then he said when you are coming to office? t’s what we are looking in.”

How did your parents react when they first saw you on television?

 “Oh, that’s nothing special.Its was just simple abusing and giggles and from neighbors side also like his son his doing this nothing more than that.”