INAAMULHAQ: A man receiving “INAAMs” working with the “HAQs” of Indian Cinema

By Aakash Wadhwa


Acting is not just a profession, passion or recognition for this 40 year old actor but a part of his life, rather a whole life for this performer, winning accolades for every single appearance he does on the screen.

Born on Children’s day, 14 November, 1979 in Saharanpur, a small city of western Uttar Pradesh, to a marginal family, he remembers his dad working hard for sustaining a family of 11. His Journey as an actor started by doing  plays and mastering the art of theatre from the age of 12. Later, he joined the ‘Indian People’s Theatre Association’. Initially, not being supported by the family because of radical religious beliefs, this actor won the trust of his father after being selected for The National School Of Drama. His theatre journey features him playing many major roles in over 35 plays including Julius Caesar, Yahudi ki Ladki, Andha Yug etc. Performing and teaching theatre in Delhi, he always aspired to migrate to Bombay and become a Cinema Star one day. However, he was not so financially strong that he could support his aim. But money never played the deciding factor in the life of this man and his success story kick-started with one of his friends lending him 500 rupees, another friend getting him a train ticket and one providing him with shelter in Bombay. In many interviews, he expressed a great level of gratitude towards his friends for always supporting him through his thick and thin.

Migrating to Bombay was a turning point in the life of Inaamulhaq. For the first one month, he auditioned for many roles but perpetuating rejection of success made him disheartened, despite his optimistic nature. Financial constraints and negligible support from family in matters of finances led the actor to hunt for something else, something he was SECOND BEST at, something more stable and promising, which started his career as a writer. Inaamulhaq still remembers his first and second earnings while being in Bombay, Rs.5000 and Rs.1000 respectively from a short film and some show in his early days.

It was always in the actor’s character to do what pleases his intellect, so in the writing career also, he never showed interest for daily soaps, Inaam was a creative consultant for comedy circus, also he wrote many other shows for Sony Entertainment Television, Star Plus, Colors Tv, Star Gold, EPIC, DISNEY etc. He is also known for writing dialogues of the Mahanayak starrer Buddha Hoga Tera Baap and screenwriting for some other films too. The actor regards his writing side for providing him a safe side that allowed him to work in cinema as an actor for only those movies which strike both his mind and heart and not being lured by money for every other film.

As an actor, the star got his first film break with the film Firaaq in 2008. Then he played his first major role as a Pakistani in The National award winner Filmistaan(2012) for which he received many accolades and was nominated for the Best actor in the supporting role(male) at IIFA Awards 2015. The actor’s one of the most loved character of Iraqi Major Khalaf Bin Zaid was in Akshay Kumar starrer AIRLIFT(2016) and in the following year, his most meme loved character was featured in Jolly LLB-2 and in the same year he worked in Firangi, Lucknow Central too. The actor’s most awarded character won him the Best Actor Award at Indian International Film Festival of Boston (IIFFB-2019) and 8th Annual Washington DC South Asian Film festival (DCSAFF-2018) was Allah Rakkha Siddiqui in the film NAKKASH, whose first look poster was released at India Pavilion at the renowned Cannes Film Festival 2018. Recently, he has played a very much loved character of Daroga in NETFLIX featured web series HASMUKH.

For his personal life, the actor loves to spend time with his son, Ivaan, who turned 9 on 1st of April. During one of his interviews he attributes Ivaan as his stress buster and recalls playing with the child at 1:30 in the night, when he felt depressed due to professional reasons, for his appearance in the movie Agneepath. Inaamul’s social media feed showcases many posts of Ivaan.

One of the very high visions of this Hasmukh star is his strong belief in the power of cinema and he strongly believes that cinema can change the lives of commoners and condemns production houses for disrespecting cinemas’ power by running behind profits and not featuring films in small cities. Though not being very vocal about his political views but recently he has been opposing CAA-NRC laws openly on his social media handles.

For the newcomers and the raw talents, the star advises to take risks and always be optimistic and at the same time never compromising the obvious moral ideologies of the Art that is keeping forth professional interests instead of personal ones. In short he is a true ARTIST polishing his ART and in turn inspiring millions through it.