Is Money Heist worth watching in 2020?


So as we all know, the entire country is in lockdown and I think this is the best time we all can spend by watching some tremendous movies and series to kill our boredom.

To my personal experience, one of the best series which I have seen in recent times is “Money Heist”. Basically, Money Heist is a Spanish show created by ALEX PINA, with the name of ‘LA CASA DE PAPEL’, which means the house of paper, where paperwork is carried out.

On watching the series you will come to know that the show showcases two well-planned heists.

The first heist takes place in ‘The Royal Mint of Spain’ and the other in ‘The Bank of Spain’.So now you know that the paperwork mentioned above is all about the money.

The series has become very popular and is trending on NETFLIX in India because of its excellent story line and incredible performances of the actors, I guess these are some of the reasons that contributed to its success and popularity.

The Show orignally had 2 seasons which was released in 4 parts, first it was telecasted by Antena 3 later on acquired by OTT  Netflix. The 4th part dropped on Netflix during the lockdown on 3rd April.

I think one thing that catches our attention is the Spanish theme song of the series “BELLA CIAO”.

Another thing about this series is that it appeals to our visual sense by making the perfect use of colour schemes. All the robbers wear RED coloured overalls during the robbery. The telephone that the robbers install to communicate with the Professor is RED.You will occasionally find the Professor making Origami with paper and guess what… That colour is also RED.


The  other most popular prop of the show is “DALI MASK” inspired from works of Spanish Artist Salvador Dali.The costumes Are a Symbol of the Resist , they wear a realistic Salvador Dalí mask and red jumpsuit to hide their true identities

Basically RED is everywhere in the series but that’s not annoying rather it helps to connect the threads of the series and this happens to serve as the identity for the show.

Now talking about series, there are so many exciting and Wow moments. The series basically depicts the theme of the heist. 

The characters of the series are portrayed as multi-dimensional and anti-heroes, whose moralities are ever-changing.

All the characters who join the Professor for the idea of heist have their own justification for the heist. One thing that is very interesting about the characters is that they have their own unique pseudo names based on major cities of world like Tokyo, Helsinki, Rio…

The series explores various themes and the viewers gradually realise whether the heist was justified or not.

 In the end, I would say that one must watch this show if they have a taste in such genre and want to witness a cat race between the police and the robbers where obviously, Professor seems always to be two steps ahead.

I can’t say anymore without revealing any spoilers.So I would recommend you to watch ‘Money Heist’ if you haven’t. Stay strong and Stay safe…