Javed Akhtar is only indian who bagged the Richard Dawkins Award

By Nikita Bhattacharya

Lyricist Javed Akhtar has become the first Indian to be named the recipient of the Richard Dawkin Award, named after the renowned evolutionary biologist.

Javed Akhtar is being honoured for his critical thinking,holding religious dogma up to scrutiny and advancing human process as well humanist values.

“ I am deeply honoured. I have been a great admirer of Richard Dawkins after reading his first book.“THE SELFISH GENRE.” Akhtar said.”

The award is named after English evolutionary biologist Richward Dawkins, presented since 2003.

“ His wife Shaba Nazmi shared on twitter. Shaba Nazmi said. The award’s relevance becomes more prominent, especially in the current times when secularism is under attack.”

His proud son Fharan Akhtar said to his father “ You absolutely and unequivocally deserve it”
Renowned poet and lyricist Javed Akhtar has now made the entire country proud with this achievement.

Javed Akhtar on Richard Dawkins Award

“ The world there are people in India who express views that aren’t popular”

Javed Akhtar, a writer of diversic cinematic never thought that his voice advocating secularism freedom of speech has been noteworthy and would reach so far center and honoured him with a prestigious award of Richard Dawkin.

“ The recipient will be distinguished on the basis of the world of science, scholarship, education, or entertainment, who publicly proclaims the value of secularism and rationalism upholding the truth”,cites the CFI.

Javed Akhtar Said “these are the people of the same ideology, but I wasn’t sure they knew my existence and my opinion that I have written. I clearly had no idea it could reach and gave me huge recognition”.

The artist always received the end of abuse for his stance in religious fundamentalism. He said

“I don’t have any doubt on my ideas and views.it is certainly special because it is recognised by a huge institution and honoured me for that”.

“This is the very first time I have been awarded for my views, my thought process on religion”.

Javed Akhtar believes his win in India would help to convey to the World that many in India will continue to speak their mind even if they are bound.

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