“Only you can Direct your Life”: Deepesh Sumitra Jagdish


The journey of Writer cum Director cum Actor Deepesh Sumitra Jagdish makes for a story of patience and courage. Coming from a small town Sonipat in Haryana it was not drop in a bucket to reach Mumbai. It all started with doing theatre and writing lyrics. There was some initial success but he got appreciation throughout, with his work behind the camera in “Rabish ki Report” and as an actor in “Flames”.

“Toh Baccho notebook kholiye aur aaj ki date daliye” and enjoy this glimpse of a conversation with Deepesh or we can say “Kaushal Sir”:

Talking about your recent projects how was your journey from the backend (Rabish ki Report) to frontend (Flames)?

Deepesh: Basically, writing and direction is my cup of tea. Acting came all of a sudden to me, since in “TVF” everybody does everything.

But to be honest, working behind the camera is far more challenging and satisfying to me than acting.


What are you missing the most as far as food is concerned?

Deepesh: In food? (Surprised) well, we every week used to visit “Behrouz Biryani” here in Mumbai and its certainly the thing which I am missing the most. Will definitely visit that place as soon as lockdown gets over.


You have done theatre, how has that helped you as a writer?


Deepesh: Basically, I started writing even before doing theatre. To be precise, when I was in 12th grade I used to write poems, that’s when this creative hobby of mine started budding at the very first place. Then I also started writing songs or lyrics. Finally, when I came to my University at Bhopal my writing career got a boom, where I got a job of copywriter at “SSM”. I also made a short film which got recognition in one of the film festivals. So writing was not unanticipated to me rather it was the base of all my work.


 What was the idea behind doing theatre and why you choose to do masters in Journalism?

Deepesh: I didn’t know back then how to reach Mumbai. But I surely knew that path to Mumbai goes through National School of Dramatics, so I decided to do theatre.                                                                                 

While I was doing theatre after my graduation, I realised that I need to study irrespective of whether I do the cinema or not. That’s when I decided to journalism, even though I knew I will not take journalism as a carrier. Because this is the course which tells you everything about this world,  knowledge of which you require even when you are doing the cinema.

What is the role and support of your family in your life?

Deepesh: I give all my credit to my family for whoever I am because considering the environment in Haryana and culture back there, reaching here was not an easy task. During my theatre days, I used to reach home around 2 ‘o’clock in the morning along with my father, who used to wait for me after his job. So the contribution of my family in my success is immense and I got support whenever required.


Tell us something about your role in the movie “Inkar”?

Deepesh: I was Additional Director as far as “Inkar” is concerned that character was on the spot improvised, so everyone started looking for an actor. That’s when Arjun Rampal pointed at me and said: “Deepesh Karega”. (Laughs). So it was just by chance.


Sir, what is the piece of advice which, given a chance, you will give to 18-year-old Deepesh?

Deepesh: I would say your journey, whether you pass or fail, is not in your hand, all you have with you is your hard work. There are certain things in life which I got soon and some things I got too late. So only you can direct your life.

What are you going to do just after the lockdown?

Deepesh: Will definitely visit “Behrouz” (Smiles). I am also missing the experience of going to the theatre for a film. 

 Last question, Tell us something about your upcoming projects?

Deepesh: We have completed a show with TVF as far as writing is concerned, will start its shooting as soon as lockdown gets over. And few more are lined up.