Raghubir Yadav: 2 Rupay 50 paise Milte The Pehle


raghubir yadav

In a conversation with team Creative Adda, Raghubir Yadav,
one of the most talented artist and musician, shares his amazing journey. In this conversation he said “ I am good and safe at home with my family and I am working a lot on myself and and learning many other things as well, taking advantage of this time. It totally depends upon you how you want to see it. If you want to seek happiness, stay positive.

My journey was amazing. All the emotions and experiences are my true earnings. I am glad that I neither  belong to any privileged family nor I was born with silver spoon and that helped me to learn a lot. I belong to a very small place where I used to drive a bullock cart and there was only one school which was built by my grandfather so I studied there and that was the time when there were no bench or something to sit, we used to sit under a tree to study.

My experience has taught me to learn new things. Even today, I consider myself a three-year-old child because when you will think that you have grown up, the desire to learn will reduce. God has given us a very beautiful life. Everything is there, we just need to work hard to get it.

Laziness is the biggest enemy of humans, so I keep it away from myself. I used to wake up at 4 am in my village and here in Mumbai i wake up early as well, and then I dedicate my entire day to work.I came to this art industry because of music. I started with Lalit theatre. I used to sing songs for a Parsi Theatre Group and earn 2 rupees 50 paise per day. I watch old black and white movies like ‘Do Bigha zameen, Kabuli wala’ which are still so refreshing”.

 He also shared that he learned music from Papad Wala who’s voice was so melodious. He used to mimic his voice the entire day and this is how he learned music.

He said, “ It doesn’t matters whether a film is selected for Oscar or not, I feel if the film is good it will surely get the love and recognition it deserves. So, I do my work with utmost honesty.