Sawalon Ka Silsila with Shweta Singh

By Pratigya Sharma

Shweta Singh is a storyteller, a script writer and a spoken word artist. Her latest works includes OFFICE KA PYAAR with Alright!

So here is a brief of the conversation.

 Host– How did you start your journey? And when did you realise that this is what you wanted to do?

 Shweta – I started writing when I was in grade 11. I started performing in 2017. My life has always been unpredictable and unplanned. In 2017 when I was in Delhi, I couldn’t even thought that after a year I will be working with big names like TVF.

Initially, I took a corporate job and I quit my job after 3 weeks. In those three weeks I realised that this is not where I belong to. So I decided that i’ll be going in the entertainment industry .

 Host – You have worked with TVF for almost a year and a lot of other artists as well. So how do you think all this has affected your personality?

 Shweta – TVF is a big name. When I was in college I used to watch their shows and videos and TVF has always amazed me through their content.

When I quit my job, I applied for brands like FilterCopy, TVF and Dice Media. TVF was the first to revert back. So then I was called up for the interview. I got selected. I worked with them and rest is the history.

Before working with TVF I was just a writer and it was after that , I learnt how to write screenplay and how things worked and are managed behind the camera.

 Host –  You have been one of the most prominent artists with Nojoto. What you have to say about your association with Nojoto?

 Shweta – Nojoto is the platform where I performed for the first time in an open mic. I met a lot of people out there and they are still in touch and talking about that video neither me nor nojoto knows how the video went viral.

 Host – How was your experience from being a Delhi diva to traveling and performing in different parts of the country?

 Shweta – I belong to a middle class family and no one in my family is a travel enthusiast. So it was due to poetry that I travelled a lot of cities. And the best part is when you go somewhere, the people are more excited to see you, to watch you perform than you are. I have performed in Gwalior, Jaipur, Agra, Lucknow, Hyderabad and a lot more cities and every performance has my heart.

 Host – What are your views on hecklers?

 Shweta – My first heckling experience was in Gwalior and I love hecklers. They are the people who make me stick to the stage a little more. Basically, when people start to heckle, you have two options either to leave the stage or to stand strong and give them a reply. And I love to face those situations because the more they heckle the more I improve.

 Host – You have performed in Jalandhar with Creative Adda. So how was your experience working with them?

 Shweta – It was really amazing. The people are very welcoming and it was a different vibe performing for them. I have known a lot of people from Jalandhar. I remember the show was in CHAA-SHAA cafe. And it was a housefull show. I had a little space to perform because it was a huge crowd out there and people were even sitting on the floor. Being really honest I wasn’t expecting that kind of response. All I can say is that the show was the most satisfying and mesmerizing show . And let me tell you one thing, it was me who suggested the name CREATIVE ADDA.

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