Shishir Sharma: “Pursue Your Passion Nothing Is More Satisfying”


He started his career in theatre. He is a celebrated and distinguished television and cinema actor. He is closely associated with Naseeruddin Shah. He works with and helps actors across the globe. He is serious yet entertaining and he is none other than Shishir Sharma. Shishir Sharma is the personality who has worked on almost all platforms whether it is theatre, small or big screen or even web series and is loved for all his roles whether it be an Indian Officer in “URI” or a Pakistani Officer in “RAAZI”.

Presenting to you a glance of his latest conversation with our team:

You Started your career with theatre, how important is it to you?

Shishir: For me, theatre is austerity. People do not get this, but theatre is a very sacred place for all the actors. From 1974 until now I have been doing theatre and will keep doing it. Because whosoever has done theatre seriously, his first love is the stage.

Is there a difference in ground rules of our acting, as far as the western world is concerned? 

Shishir: Once you get your basics correct then everything else gets lined up automatically. So, the basic grounding of an actor is the same whether it is Bollywood or Hollywood. Because if there was a difference then actors like Om Puri, Anupam Kher, and Naseeruddin Shah would not be loved so much.

Talking about your transition from movies to web series, and as you know the difference in
their censorship and the latter being more expressive in language as well as actions. So,
have you drawn some line or are you open to it?

Shishir: I do not think I should draw any line, rather people who produce these kinds of
shows must draw lines. So, unfortunately, we are moving towards western culture, which
makes it difficult to watch shows with the family. Nevertheless, if a role demands me to use swear words, I am open to it but at the same time, this must not be made a habit just
because it is allowed on that platform. But I have not got a chance to do a role like that till now, I guess my persona (Laughs), do not allow me to do it.

Can cinema be so powerful that it can transform society, or it just reflects society? 

Shishir: If you talk about transformation then you are referring to a very broad perspective. But at a personal level, if a film transforms you then, whether your society will accept that transformation is a big question? Therefore, I believe that cinema does touch you and it reflects the society rather than transforming it

Any message to the younger generation who are struggling at small platforms?

Shishir: That is a very relevant question, because we do have a lot of talented individuals, but they lack a platform to showcase their talent. So, this struggle is on and one cannot do anything about it. My advice to them is, just pursue your passion because nothing is more satisfying than pursuing your passion. If you put your effort with vehemence you could reach anywhere. 

How do you take the current pandemic situation and what do you do during this period? 

Shishir: I believe it is the time to focus on our mental health. But whatever we read and listen about this coronavirus is helping to put negativity in our brains. So, instead of focussing there, my advice is everyone should do certain things which they were not able to do earlier. I am keeping myself busy and I love that. I have done four short films recently, one of which has become a complete feature film being shot at home by family members. Prior to this pandemic I also used to do a workshop in Singapore, so now I have started doing it virtually with my students. I am also helping some underprivileged kids to do certain new things. 

Any positives out of this pandemic and any note on which you would like to end this delightful conversation?

Shishir: For me, everything is positive these days. I am doing so many things from sessions, to shoot, to go live, or spend quality time with family. So, I am enjoying this time to its fullest. For mankind as a whole these are tough times, so I would like to say to them, Every road is not laid with Roses there are Thorns on the way too, you need to tackle these Thorns and pursue your passion as much as you can.