Shweta Padda is an actress from Bhilai, Chattisgarh, India, also producer, and creative producer. She is known for the Mughal-e-Azam and Umrao jaan play of the internationally renowned Indian Musical Theater. With big dreams, she moved to Mumbai. She began her career by featuring in some Web and YouTube videos. She also received different awards for her work. She also appeared in Smell, a well-acknowledged short film. She has also taken part in feature films, short films, and web series. In many films like Kaagpanth, she has won the best actress awards. Her presence as an anchor and multimedia advertising and short films in many cricket leagues earned great praise. She is selective with her roles and has received awards in a few international film festivals for that matter. She’s also a 2014-15 recipient of Ms Asia International India. In 2017, she made her acting debut through Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani? a multilingual film. Recently, she was also part of the Bollywood superhit cast Love AajKal 2.

Presenting to You a glance at her latest conversation with our team:

Hailing from a small town, breaking all stereotypes, how has been your journey?

What kind of student you were in school?


Shweta: I’ve always been a meritorious student and a tutor’s favourite. Sports captain and prefect in school. I was friends with boys, used to fight a lot like a tigress. I was champion of Basketball and Shotput, Disc, Kabaddi were my hobbies, also played at the district state level. Girls did not like being friends with me. No offence to girls, but the boy’s IQ gets a lot of attention and quite fun. Whether sports, dance, or any activity, I was an all-rounder. Complete Package you can say. All Credit goes to my parents who did not give me free time, made endorse different things which helped in choosing my career.

Talking about your beauty pageant, how did that start?


Shweta: For a short and crisp story, I performed an audition
in Nagpur, selected directly to 4th round for Indian dancing superstar season
1. It took place before Ritesh Deshmukh, Geeta Kapoor, and Ashley Lobo. Seeing
my performance, The national pageant director called and invited me to the semi-finals.
I, at first refused as I was a tomboy, I have no beauty looks and attractive
appearance, I denied wearing a bikini for the sake of my moral values and
principles. I wasn’t trained, but I went with the flow. My coach transformed me
completely like Milkha Singh for three months. Have almost three and a half
abs. Performed in Malaysia and India. The sultan of Malaysia awarded me.

When you hit a low rough path, what’s your motivation to
keep yourself going?


Shweta:  I have found
solace in this quarantine. I am a self-motivator. I believe in my solitude and
solidarity. I need my space. I have friends. I have a lot more to do because I
started my career late. I’m a born fighter. I realized I wasn’t going to serve
by anyone. I got my rights to fight for. I think I am a fast pace people who
believes in go get it.

Moving on to your acting career, you have been part of many films and series, recently Love AajKal 2. How did that happen? And One director you wish to work with?

Shweta: I wish to work with Imtiaz Ali, Surjit Sarcar, and Shreeram Raghvan. Working with Imtiaz Ali is the biggest dream come true. I have the same psychological level. It was such comfort on sets, the whole crew was professional. Imtiaz Ali is such a soft-spoken, protective, and takes care of his actors a lot. Jokingly, I used to have a huge crush on him, thinking how nice and humble person he is. It all happened because of the Mughal-e-Azam musical play I used to do. 

You do musical plays which are even performed
internationally, How’s that feeling?

Shweta: I did my first stage performance when I was 3 years
old. I never had stage fright. Always been creative. I always prefer doing
contemporary work. I am picky about my work, the work which touches my heart. I
like choosing my streamlines and goals now, which would make a lot easier for
the future.

Who, apart from yourself, is the constant inspiration? One
actor, you always look up to.

Shweta: Rekha and Tabu. It’s a Coincidence that I performed
the character of khanamjaan’s in my play which was played by Shabana Azmi in
the Umrao Jaan movie.

Share one of your funny moments on the sets of Love Aaj Kal 2.

 Who’s been the laziest to set?

Shweta: Everyone was very serious when it comes to working
with Imtiaz Ali. As such no funny incident took place. The weather was too hot
in May. He was explaining the scene to Kartik Aryan, showing him how to do it.
When it was finally done after 20-30 takes, they realized that mike was off. It
wasn’t funny at all and seriousness took over because people were screwed. It
was such a mess.

How do you prepare for your roles?

Shweta: I keep reading my scripts as much as I can. I take
briefings from the person concerned. I am very inquisitive and highlight the
main points. When the lines are learned, that makes it easy to perform and
express. It connects and relates more to your surroundings and understanding.

Are you a dry Maggi or soupy Maggi person?

Shweta: Definitely, soupy Maggi person. I am very foody.

Talking about workout routines, throughout your Instagram and Facebook page, you are more into like doing yoga, body weight, and combination exercises, also dance in your routine. What exactly is your workout routine?

Shweta: I am very religious in workouts. I had an incident 6 months ago, I fell 12 feet down, my tail bone was broken, I could not work out, my body was weak. My trainer asked me to use 10 liters of water buckets, I didn’t have dumbells. I am glad at lock-down my routine is healthy doing aerobics, yoga, and dance.

Few questions related to Bollywood, According to you

Who is the Naughtiest Actor- Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh?

The actor with Best Physique- Ranveer Singh, love his energy

Cutest Actor in Bollywood- Not cutest, but a huge fan of Jaideep Ahlawat.

Which is the last show you binge-watched or currently Binge-watching?

Shweta: I finished watching Paatal Lok for the third time, just because of Jaideep. And currently trying to watch Golden Age which is an International film on Amazon Prime. I am also into Guide, Pyaasa, MujheJeene Do which is helping me to do my craftwork. It is also helping me with my performance and acting. I am also into poetry. I used my Poetry in my film.

You do amazing poetry. Share one of your favorite wit?

Shweta: My inspiration behind my poetry is my grandfather and father. My father told me that my grandfather translated Bhagvad Geeta into the Urdu Language in the form of poetry. That’s my favourite. I would like to share:

                                         “Raat din sham-o-seher jab tak hai kayam zindagi

Farz ki taklim se insaan na ghabraye kabi

                                            Yeh na laye fikar dil mein iska kya anjaam ho

Farz adaa karta rahe insaan ka jitna kaam ho”

She further added that she follows only three books- Mrithunjai, Geeta, and Vivekanand.

Message You would like to give to the viewers?

Shweta: In the act of an RJ, this was the best edition of the team Creative Adda. It is a platform where new talents were given a chance and opportunities to grow and enhance their skills and talent. “Aspire to inspire”. Thanks for making me come here and making me a part of this team.