This Will Be The New Normal Weekend


As we are under the unlocking stage of this pandemic, everything is getting back to normal, but this is the new normal that we are witnessing.

From routine work to having fun, everything is on but in a different way. When the situation is going to return to the pre-corona state is uncertain, so one must adopt this modus operandi.


Weekends are also not spared when it comes to repercussions of this pandemic. And since a public gathering is not allowed, it is not easy to find an alternative for this. But relax, we have got your back. We enumerated some substitute for things which we usually did at weekends..


1. Go for Movies which were long pending on your lists

      This is considered the most suited and relishing experience among every age group. Now we cannot go out  due to social distancing norms.

But wait… How about bringing theatre at home, I am not kidding, because with various OTT platforms one can have the same experience. This is furthermore enhanced with the comfort of the couch or bed and playing your favourite part again and again. We can be entertained in this transition as there are many new movies and web series lined up to be launched on these platforms and this is the best time to tick off the movies from your list which were due for so long because of  hectic schedules.

To know more about this transition, Click the link below:


2. Visit any Wonder Place

This is also an activity that many people cherished in pre-corona times. But you might be wondering, how can one even think of doing it now? because it is impossible with the ongoing restriction on travel and is like exposing yourself to the virus just for fun. However, with the new technology called virtual reality, one can visit any heritage site or monument, with just a one-time investment in purchasing the gadget. So, have fun and enjoy visiting new places every weekend!!


3. Camping

Unlike camping in the woods, one can try it in the backyard. All you need is, to have the gear, string up a hammock, put up a tent, and invite some neighbours or closed ones (Be alert when inviting).


4. Write

Call it a hobby or time pass, writing is a fun thing which most of us want to do, but were unable to, because of time constraints. Don’t miss this opportunity in writing out your mind in any form, whether it be a book or a diary of this “Unprecedented Time”.


5. Enjoy Quality Time with Family

This pandemic has shown us what all we were missing in regular hours of normal life. We were not only busy in our routine but also ignoring our closed ones. Even though we do have a routine now also but taking out some time from the weekend for our family will do no harm. In fact, we can involve them in all the above activities to bring most out of this situation.


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