What Gen 'Z' Can Learn From Millenials?


A generation that wakes up with phone and sleeps with the phone, for them their world is in social media. Earlier, the use of social media was very rare and because of that our communication with the people in our surrounding was healthy. This generation must know how to greet people in our surrounding and even with family members. As this generation spends much of their time on the internet they lack the difference between the real and reel friend. Physical activities like playing outside in a society with colony friends are rare now.

As they are growing in fast-developing technology, for them everything is easy now and due to this research behind any project or homework is what they are lacking behind and also they didn’t value the things as they get it easily.

Growing up in advance technology is a blessing but somehow they didn’t know the meaning of pain for getting something. Example: as if we need a book and that’s not available in the shop so we have to wait for a while to get it. But this generation doesn’t know that as if it’s not available in a shop they start looking for online. So basically I mean to say this “patience” is a bit less in them for attaining or doing something. They are always in a hurry and want to finish the things most quickly.

They are blessed to be in this generation where everything is available in place i.e. “internet” like – any courses, dancing class or guitar class anything they want to do but they didn’t value. They didn’t respect any art rather they follow what everyone else is doing.

We celebrate festivals with our friends and family, and for us dressing and clicking pictures was secondary our whole concern was in eating and playing, today’s generation lives much more in showing off things what they are eating, doing with family each and everything they do with family they just upload it. They must know how to live and enjoy things without updating things on social media.

Our generation knows the value of relations as we always used to be in touch with them whether its vacation or some ceremony we always used to be together, this generation is so much busy in their schedule and work they didn’t get time to even talk with their family. They must know the importance of family and know how to manage the time between family and work.

We were so active to take part in any events whether its household or any curricular activity, being deeply in social media somewhere there thinking level and imagination level is getting depended on the Internet. If they use it properly instead of spending much time on Facebook and Tik-Tok they can learn more from that and presents it more professionally.

Being badly addicted to social media and internet they are so much dependent on this that they can’t do their work without taking the help of the internet, and due to this, they can’t take an initiative to do things them-self.

Due to lack of culture, they don’t know how to communicate and what to say and how to say to others. We were used to be close to our parents so much and we share much of our things with them. Today’s generation keeps each and everything with them and thus faces problems like depression.

One of the most common problems that we differentiate with today’s teenagers is that they don’t want to listen to others and also they don’t feel like taking elder’s opinion. Most of them think that what they are thinking is enough and perfect.

 Binding up this article with a conclusion that this generation must take from us how to value the Internet as well our real life and family members